To fully experience tranquility and serenity that Bali Bali has to offer, guests can avail of our spa and wellness services on a pre-arranged and pre-booked basis.

Body Massage


BALI SIGNATURE MASSAGE                                                              60 minutes / Php 500.00

This deeply relaxing massage combines slow and graceful gliding strokes that are applied to the different key pressure points of the body to relieve tension and aid blood circulation. The experience is enhanced with the use of specially blended therapeutic oil.

HILOT                                                                                                       60 minutes / Php 500.00

Hilot is an ancient Filipino art of healing that employs a combination of medium Deep Tissue Massage, kneading and smooth, flowing strokes. This treatment renowned for their invigorating, purifying, tension relieving characteristic as well as their capacity to improve respiration and soothe general aches and pains.

FOOT MASSAGE                                                                                    30 minutes / Php 300.00

This massage aims for total wellness by targeting pressure points on the feet that correspond to specific body areas. Stimulation of these points can cause significant reduction in pain and studies also suggest that it can reduce fatigue and promote better sleep.

Other Spa Services – Coming Soon!